Pouteria caimito - Abiu
Manilkara achras -Sapodilla
Muntingia calabura L. - Jamaica cherry
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Mangifera indica L. - 'Tommy Atkins' Mango
Mangifera indica L. - 'Peach' Mango
Mangifera indica L. - 'Pascual' Mango

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) has created sparks for niche market farmers that are interested in tapping Asia and culinary markets. I have been working with a dragon fruit expert and my good friend Erik Tietig from Pine Island Nursery to develop the first ever DRAGON FRUIT VIEWER. Erik currently has nearly 2 dozen dragon fruit varieties in production and is at the top of the game in regards to this fruit. I decided to shoot the dragon fruit varieties on a white background using my studio strobes in order to make the reds, pinks, and whites really “pop”. In some cases I only had one fruit to work with so I had to shoot the fruit whole and then cut it and assemble the image in photoshop. Technology is great when it works!
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5 Different Dragon Fruit Varieties


Hylocereus spp. - 'Costa Rican Sunset' Dragon Fruit


Hylocereus polyrhizus X undatus - 'Delight' Dragon Fruit

Hylocereus polyrhizus



Hylocereus undatus


Dragontini - Dragon Fruit Martini