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Mango season has arrived.  I have been entering the TREC mango collection and collecting ripe mangos off the ground every morning.  It is quite the experience to visit the same trees year after year as they bear delicious fruits of all sizes, colors, and shapes.  These trees have become good friends of mine and sharing their fruits with everyone that I encounter is my favorite part of mango season. 

This year has been amazing! Paradise Farms’ Dinner in Paradise series was inspiring.  Take a look at the website and pictures from the dinners.

The pictures below are examples of how a few of south Florida’s best chefs use tropical fruit.

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(L) 'Glenn' mangos - (R) Mango and Papaya salsa - Chef Allen Susser


(L) 'Pantin' Mamey Sapote

(R) Seared Snapper with Mamey SapoteChutney and Couscous, with Almonds, Mamey Sapote and Mint - Chef Michelle Bernstein


(L) 'Ruby Supreme' Guava - (R) Guava French Toast with Caramel Sauce - Pastry Chef: Malka Espinel


(L) ''Arkin' Carambola - (R) Coconut Pancakes with Starfruit - Chef Allen Susser



(L) ''Brewster' lychees - (R) Shrimp and Lychee Curry - Chef Allen Susser

(L) 'Kohola' longans - (R) Mahi Mahi and Longan Ceviche - Chef Allen Susser