Chef Allen Susser's Mango Mojito
'Glenn' Mango w/ice cream and chocolate syrup
'Nam Doc Mai' mango
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'Alice' mango
Jake Maguire w/mango and ice cream
'Edward' mango

I recently shot photos at The Tropical Fruit Drinks Contest hosted by the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida. 18 gourmet restaurant/bars in Miami-Dade and Broward county competed to create the best tropical fruit drink for this inaugural contest. The event was a huge success and a great way to promote tropical fruit in this industry. Below are a few pictures of the winning drinks. Download the recipes by clicking the link above the pictures. The 2004 mango season at the Tropical Research and Eduaction Center is almost a memory with only one block of huge ‘Keitt’ mangos still available. I have improved my image library with more refined pictures of this summer’s tropical fruit crops and I look forward to posting them in the coming months.
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1st place winner of the Tropical Fruit Drinks Contest The Caribbean Cowboy Cocktail - Johnny V Restaurant, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - By: Johnny Vinczencz


2nd place winner of the Tropical Fruit Drinks Contest - Star Martini - Lapidus Lounge at Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, FL - By: Evan Maccomber


3rd place winner of the Tropical Fruit Drinks Contest - Passionate Caiphirina - Talula - By: Frank Randazzo & Scott Barns


Mangifera indica L. - 'Hayden' mango



Mangifera indica L. - 'Valencia Pride' mango (malformed)


Jake Maguire with 'Valencia Pride' Mangos